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Workstream offers a variety of training workshops designed to suit the needs of your business.

Workstream BusinessAnalyst Two Day Training Course

Upon completion of our two day training course your staff can be expected to master the following tasks:

  • Use a series of icons and connections to create flowcharts and map your organization’s structure and processes.
  • Model your organization’s operations and analyze them in terms of time, resources, cost and efficiency.
  • Run simulations of proposed changes and evaluate their impact.
  • Run detailed capacity plans for your organization, modelling the impact of changing volumes on future capacity.

Upon completing the workshop, your analysts will be Workstream BusinessAnalyst Certified, fully capable of using the Workstream BusinessAnalyst tools themselves. You will be equipped to analyze and re-design/re-engineer your business processes in-house. Your organization will have the ongoing capability to ensure optimal operational efficiency.

Workstream QualityTrack One Day Training (for Business Analysts)

Upon completion of this 1 day training course your business analysts can be expected to master the following tasks:

  • Use Workstream QualityTrack to design forms that monitor process activities and log the data needed to generate key performance indicators. The forms can be designed by Business Analysts without IT involvement.
  • Use Workstream QualityTrack to generate realtime dashboards and online reports, enabling management to actively monitor processes, identify and troubleshoot problems.
  • Re-design forms as your business evolves.

Workstream QualityTrack One Day Training (for Technical Resources)

Upon completion of this 1 day training course your in-house technical resources can be expected to master the following tasks:

  • Use of ‘back-end’ Workstream QualityTrack functions.
  • User management and administrative functions.
  • How to make application-related changes in process set-up.
  • System maintenance and technical guidance.

This training ensures that your technical team will be self-sufficient and capable of managing Workstream QualityTrack unassisted.

Workstream RapidAutomator Training

Workstream customises Workstream RapidAutomator Workshops according to your needs. Generally the following technical training will be provided for your IT resources:

  • Workstream RapidAutomator architecture and operating principles.
  • Systems maintenance.
  • Integration of Workstream RapidAutomator with your organisation’s core systems.

Workstream will provide end users with appropriate training on the new system.

For further assistance on Training Workshops please Contact Us.