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Process Redesign, Improvement and Optimization

Workstream consultants, using Workstream BusinessAnalyst (WBA) and our proprietary Process Improvement methodology work with your business managers and staff. We rapidly capture your business process flows, process metrics and staffing and analyse this data using our unique software tools. Workstream analysts use the resulting data to redesign and optimize the processes.

Process improvement can be a combination of policy changes, process task changes and selective automation. We model these alternative approaches using WBA’s in-built simulator. Our consultants will give you a picture of how the improved process works. Importantly, they provide a quantitative representation of how their recommendations will directly impact your organization. Therefore, you will know the exact outcome of any process improvements/changes that you will make before implementing them.

Process Improvement Implementation

Once re-design is complete, it is time to implement the new processes. Working with you, our consultants will determine where processes can be automated using Workstream RapidAutomator to enhance overall productivity and effectiveness of your business. Your “off-the-shelf” software may only be meeting part of your complex business issues or may not be meeting them at all. Our consultants analyze your organizations’ needs and business processes in order to advise you on the suitability and compatibility of your in-house software and any gaps in functionality.

Workstream can build custom software to provide the perfect solution. This will benefit you by providing applications which meet your specific needs and not just the industry standard. Our consultants will advise you about creating programs to automate your services thereby saving you time and cost. We will provide bespoke solutions which will integrate with your current IT investments or assist your IT staff in its development efforts. Our Business Analysts will also work with your business managers to plan and sequence required policy changes, changes to manual processing and staff training. Workstream can provide all required training or ‘train your trainers’.

Process Monitoring

Once our consultants have re-designed your processes and helped you to implement them you will be able to monitor the results using Workstream QualityTrack. Through a unique series of dashboards and management reports you can monitor process performances of any part of the whole of your organization. Workstream consultants will help your business managers determine which Key Performance Indicators to monitor and how. We can customize dashboards and reports to provide the information you need to manage your processes. Workstream technical experts can help your IT team implement your dashboards and reports and teach them how to manage them over the long term.