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Workstream QualityTrack (WQT)

Even well designed processes can be poorly executed! With Workstream QualityTrack you can measure and track real business performance gains using your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). See theoretical improvements translated into real and practical solutions.

The Simple, Straightforward Way to
Monitor and Control Processes

Workstream QualityTrack (WQT) software delivers process measurement with a reporting system that provides real-time monitoring of manual, semi-automated or automated processes via dashboards and detailed reports.

Define Measurements: Track processes and measure relevant performance indicators to ensure the most accurate and useful results; from turnaround time to resource utilization; percentage of errors to output volumes.

View Real-Time Activities: Continually monitor activities in real-time through dashboards. Management can identify systematic or unforeseen problems to ensure that performance remains consistent.

Connect: Connect real-world activities to process diagrams, whether or not your process was developed through Workstream Business Suite. QualityTrack interfaces directly with your processes and monitors them with minimal effort and interference.

Analyze Historic Trends: Benchmark current performance against historic performance. Receive early notice of performance deviations and take early action. Management reports enable you to measure and continually improve.


Workstream QualityTrack complements the process automation capability of Workstream RapidAutomator and the performance management of Workstream QualityTrack by letting you build an optimized system that fully exploits the insight that these tools give you.