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Workstream Business Suite (WBS)

Workstream Business Suite provides the complete approach to improving, monitoring and auditing business processes.


The Workstream Business Suite takes advantage of the latest standards and technologies. With its rapid application development environment, process execution engine, and run-time business process activity monitoring tools, you can analyze your past business activity and take control of the future.

Using Workstream Business Suite will:
  • Create tangible and significant bottom-line benefits, often
    in a month or less
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce processing times
  • Dematerialize paper flow
  • Improve turn-around times
  • Increase controls and monitoring capabilities
  • Automate processes
  • Measure increases in productivity

Make the most of the overwhelming amounts of data generated by your systems! Historically, managing and analyzing the data generated by your systems was a laborious process. Now, Workstream’s intuitive and customizable dashboards extract and present a wide range of actionable information about your business processes and operations. Make informed decisions based on our unique analyses of trends and predictions.


Workstream SystemIntegrator (WSI) is a standard part of the Workstream Business Suite technology. WSI enables the definition of read or write access points to other systems. This allows all system integration work between WQT or WRA and another system to be defined and collected by developers. Once put in production, all integration access between WRA or WQT and 3rd party systems is declared, monitored and controlled by your IT staff.


Business processes are core assets at the heart of an ever-changing organization. As an organization grows and evolves, its original processes no longer satisfy market and customer needs. When processes are no longer as efficient or effective as they once were, they must be redesigned and optimized to ensure efficiency and reliability.

Leveraging the power of Workstream technology and methodology, enables clients to rapidly:

  • Map and analyze current processes
  • Redesign and optimize processes
  • Implement controls and monitor quality
  • Automate processes
  • Deploy enterprise class applications quickly and cost effectively

To achieve significant business benefits:

  • Increased processing capacity
  • Improved service quality
  • Reduced process turnaround times
  • Enhanced controls
  • Reduced costs

A regional bank was planning on substantial growth of its client businesses. It wanted a realistic capacity plan and to transform relevant end-to-end processes so that expected increases in transaction volumes could be achieved at improved margins.

Workstream consultants mapped the ‘As-Is’ process flows for three financing products with three different sales channels (branches, direct sales and web). The information was captured and analyzed using our powerful Workstream BusinessAnalyst tool and methodology that allowed simulation of processing variables (workflow, staff roles, scheduling, etc.) using the expected business increases. Next step was the creation of ‘Should-Be’ processes and a dynamic capacity model. We then proceeded to help the bank plan and implement the agreed changes at process and IT infrastructure level.

Workstream consultants then automated a number of the redesigned processes using Workstream RapidAutomator.

Workstream QualityTrack was implemented to track service quality on a real time basis. The client now has dynamic real time dashboards and reports to track key performance indicators.

This three-pronged emphasis on process improvement, automation of manual processes and real-time tracking of service quality has enabled the bank to dramatically improve its productivity as well as its ranking in the independent service quality market surveys covering the banking sector.