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Workstream Sales Management Programme (Squirrel SMS)

Squirrel is a Sales Management Programme that works on your Android and Desktop. The purpose of this application is to integrate and automate the sales management process at all levels across an organization.

Customize & Automate Sales Processing
integrating your Sales Leadership and Front-line Staff

Tired of wasting trees, time and targeted opportunities?

Use Squirrel to optimize sales productivity, step change efficiency and enhance customer experience


Squirrel is an all-in-one sales management system that enables you to drive sales in a process-oriented manner. The way in which Squirrel helps you control your entire sales process will help produce sustained and consistent results. Squirrel provides your sales leaders with analytics and reports that enable them to have effective coaching conversations with their teams, to facilitate knowledge transfer and capability development.

Squirrel has a mobile interface for your sales teams to control their sales management process effectively. Squirrel enables your frontline sales staff to maximise their closing ratios. It is built in a way that it supports your sales teams to sell more and improve their efficiency.


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Strategic Business Consulting Group (SBCG) is a Management Consultancy with Vast and in-depth experience of working with Banks and Multinational Organizations in Emerging Markets. Our Specialty, experience and subject matter expertise are in developing Sales Leadership, Sales Transformation Programs, Customer Experience Model Development and Implementation, Training and Development and also Management Consulting in Emerging Markets. At SBCG we provide training and automated sales management solutions to large and medium corporations.

Available on Android and iPhone App store