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Workstream Issues Tracking & Management Suite (ITMS)

Most internal issues in organizations are still being handled in a manual or semi-automated manner. Issues relating to central bank requests and guidelines, audit, client related requests such as balance confirmations can have serious control and service quality ramifications but are often neglected. Workstream ITMS provides a simple to deploy customizable solution which will implement strong process- based management for such issues.



CASE STUDY: An expanding regional bank wanted to rebuild its internal processes to implement wider controls and improve service quality and efficiency. The bank needed to increase visibility of all outstanding issues and enforce a speedy resolution.

CLIENT PROBLEM: There were blockages in the flow of processes affecting service performance. Backlogs of pending internal control issues as a result of manual processes had made tracking and resolution very difficult. The bank was suffering from weak internal controls and was highly susceptible to both internal and external fraud. Further, Central Bank orders also slowed processing times and were proving almost impossible for this bank to expand its processing capacity with existing technology.

CLIENT SOLUTION: The Workstream Issues Tracking and Management Suite let the client not only solve their outstanding issues, it increased their capacity and ability to track emergent issues. Processes became quick and control was maintained from a more central infrastructure. Senior officers and branch heads gained instant access to summarized issue and internal control information and could see at a glance where issue investigation or resolution took too long. Workstream allowed the bank to exercise improved controls throughout, and be well prepared to meet increase in transaction volumes arising out of business expansion in the future.


The Workstream Issues Tracking and Management Suite comprise the following modules that are common to most financial services organisations. In addition, further user-definable modules can be added to target a bank’s specific requirement.