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Workstream External Agencies Management Suite (EAM)

Banks interact with many external partners (commonly known as agencies) in evaluating customer worthiness for consumer financing. Let our EAM Suite automate the process and help you better manage agencies and your customer finance requests. We cover evaluations of income estimation, appraisals of collateral, legal review of documents and completion formalities like insurance and custody of collateral documentation to help you make better credit decisions.

Customize & Automate EAM Processes integrating
your document verification, income estimations,
property appraisal and completion of formalities

Are you struggling to manage the performance of external agencies? Are you looking for a solution that improves efficiency and saves time with your EAM processes? Do you need a central location to handle the flow and track the process? Will you benefit from the ability to instantly review associated documents and agencies feedback for any application for financing? If so, you need the WorkstreamEAM Suite.



The Workstream External Agencies Management Suite comprises the following modules:

Each module is customized to achieve rapid automation of external agency processes so that you can extend consumer financing to your customers with speed and efficiency.

CASE STUDY: An expanding regional bank with a large portfolio of consumer credit customers wanted to centralize the management of its external agencies with a view to improve performance, reduce turnaround time and to handle larger volumes of applications with the same or reduced headcount.

CLIENT PROBLEM: There were three regional consumer credit units working with external agencies (many of which were regional branches of the same agency). All three units were working independent of each other. The Head Office was not aware of the performance of these agencies or of any applications in their pipeline. A large number of photocopies were made and couriered to these agencies and follow-up with them was all manual. Retrieval of records was very difficult and audit / control of these processes had become a major issue.

CLIENT SOLUTION: By deploying our EAM suite, the client was able to solve all of the above problems. Agencies work could now be managed from a single point and could also be measured. Processes became quick and control could be maintained over the quality of approval decisions. Consumer credit officers could manage all work from a single source. Auditors (internal and external) had instant access to all information and were satisfied. The bank was well prepared for future expansion.