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Workstream Corporate Credit Approval and Administration Suite (CCAA)

Let the Workstream CCAA help you manage your Credit Approval processes better. We automate the entire process from initial Credit Approval applications, to renewals and disbursements empowering you with the necessary information to make better credit decisions.

Customizable Credit Processes that provide
information required for Capital Adequacy Reporting

Credit Approval and Administration Suite?


The Workstream Corporate Credit Approval and Administration Suite comprises the following modules:

Each stage is customized to achieve rapid automation of manual and semi-automated Credit Approval and Administration processes allowing effective implementation of Credit Policy throughout your organization.

CASE STUDY: An expanding regional bank with a large portfolio of corporate clients wanted to build on SME financing. This would result in increased volumes of credit approval and credit monitoring work.

CLIENT PROBLEM: There were problems regarding service performance and stability as a result of poor processes and lack of capabilities. Backlog of expired Credit Lines and a highly manual process, spread over a number of cities and regions made tracking and resolving these issues impossible. Centralization and standardization of the Credit and Risk Review process was proving impossible with existing technology. Auditors were unhappy with the existing systems and recommended a revamp.

CLIENT SOLUTION: By deploying our Credit Approval module, the client was able to solve all of the above problems. Processes became quicker and control could be maintained over the quality of approval decisions. Senior credit officers gained instant access to summarized credit information and could see at a glance where credit decisions were taking too long. Workstream allowed the bank to be well prepared for future expansion opportunities.