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Workstream ATM Monitoring System (ATMS)

The Workstream ATM Monitoring System optimizes the monitoring of your ATM network so that a high level of service quality may be maintained with your clients.


The Workstream ATM Monitoring System monitors the availability of a bank’s ATM network to its customers. If an ATM reports a fault, the system will perform timed notifications via SMS and email to operators using an escalation matrix. When the fault is resolved, the system automatically updates the status of the ATM and records time to resolution, and all other important service metrics. Real time dashboards and historic performance reports provide complete visibility of all reported faults so that the bank can maximize ATM uptime and compliance with Service Level Agreements.


The features of the Workstream ATM Monitoring System offer quality benefits to its users. The system helps in the following ways:

One of the largest multinational banks based in Dubai was rapidly expanding its ATM network and required a solution that would allow it to maintain and improve the level of service from its ATMs (99.9% uptime) without comprising on service quality.

The bank deployed Workstream’s ATM Monitoring System. The solution would automatically trigger text messages to the relevant service personnel when an ATM suffered loss of functionality (such as out of cash). It would also monitor the response time until the ATM became functional again and generate reports on ATM performances based on pre-defined parameters.

The bank was able to more than double its size of ATM network in a short span of time and at the same time mainitain its service quality with its ATM customers.