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Predefined Business Processes

Workstream ATM Monitoring System (ATMS)

The Workstream ATM Monitoring System optimizes the monitoring of your ATM network so that a high level of service quality may be maintained with your clients.

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Workstream Corporate Credit Approval and Administration Suite (CCAA)

Let the Workstream CCAA help you manage your Credit Approval processes better. We automate the entire process from initial Credit Approval applications, to renewals and disbursements empowering you with the necessary information to make better credit decisions.

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Workstream Consumer Credit Application Processing (CCAP)

Let our CCAP module help you manage Consumer Credit Applications better by automating the entire process. We cover initial check against any external credit bureau as well as evaluation by external agencies for income estimation, appraisal of collateral, legal review of documents and completion formalities.

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Workstream External Agencies Management Suite (EAM)

Banks interact with many external partners (commonly known as agencies) in evaluating customer worthiness for consumer financing. Let our EAM Suite automate the process and help you better manage agencies and your customer finance requests. We cover evaluations of income estimation, appraisals of collateral, legal review of documents and completion formalities like insurance and custody of collateral documentation to help you make better credit decisions.

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Workstream Issues Tracking & Management Suite (ITMS)

Most internal issues in organizations are still being handled in a manual or semi-automated manner. Issues relating to central bank requests and guidelines, audit, client related requests such as balance confirmations can have serious control and service quality ramifications but are often neglected. Workstream ITMS provides a simple to deploy customizable solution which will implement strong process- based management for such issues.

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Workstream Performance Management Automation (PMA)

Workstream PMA ensures that every performance management program is twice as effective and takes half the time.

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Workstream Sales Management Automation (S-MART)

The Workstream Sales Monitoring, Analyzing, Reporting and Tracking (S-MART) automates your end-to-end sales management process – from tracking and monitoring activities and performances of your entire sales team to prospecting, closing and post sales follow ups.

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