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Software Architecture

The Workstream Business Suite is built using industry-standard Java technology. The primary software components are:

  • Workstream Analyst Workstation
    Provides a rich environment for a business analyst to map, analyze, design, optimize and simulate processes with all relevant data stored in a single XML file per process. Instantiated in Workstream BusinessAnalyst.
  • Workstream Developer Workstation
    Provides a rich environment for a developer to rapidly automate processes, build applications and test them. Applications are saved as an XML file and deployed within a Workstream Web Application. Instantiated in Workstream QualityTrack and Workstream RapidAutomator.
  • Workstream Application Server
    Layered on any standard Java Web Server, it converts the XML application description created by the Developer Workstation into a running web application. A single Workstream Application Server can deploy multiple Workstream applications.

    A Workstream Application Server is comprised of a series of modules configured to load at run-time. Each module provides a separate function. Modules can be switched or replaced to provide alternate implementations of the same functionality. For example, the authentication module can use encrypted database-based usernames and passwords. Alternatively, the LDAP based authentication module can be loaded to authenticate system users with an LDAP implementation such as Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Workstream Web Applications
    Workstream generates a rich, interactive browser based user interface using AJAX style asynchronous calls. This is commonly known as a Rich Internet Application (RIA). A RIA allows complex user interfaces such as dashboards and complex forms with multiple levels of validation and calculation to be displayed to users throughtout an organization without requiring any custom installation on users’ workstations.

Java Open Source or Industry Platforms

Use of industrial-strength Open Source sub-components allow us to deliver powerful and robust solutions at a compelling price for our clients. Workstream rigorously tests and integrates these so that our clients have the peace of mind that the tools will consistently deliver expected functionality and quality. But the Workstream toolset is designed to also work with infrastructure platforms from vendors such as BEA, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, allowing customers to make the most of their existing investments in case they prefer not to use corresponding Open Source software tools.