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About the Company

Workstream Automation was created in 2003 by a team of experienced IT and business professionals. It delivers tools and methodologies that help clients analyze, improve and implement business processes. Workstream’s goal is to make our clients more responsive and productive in a short span of time. We enable them to quickly optimize their business processes by supplementing unique Workstream tools with our strong domain knowledge of the related industry. Emphasis is not just on identification of improvements but also on rapid realization of target gains.

Besides directly serving selected clients, Workstream Automation also works closely with other partner consulting firms. We help them serve their own clients by making available to them innovative process optimization tools and methodologies. Providing quality training to users of our tools is an important component of the knowledge-transfer.

We achieve our key goal of speed of implementation by putting the prototyping tools into the hands of business process owners in the client organization. The Workstream tools have been created specifically to provide an intuitive environment that supports much closer working relationships between business users and software developers across the whole ‘Model – Develop – Deploy – Manage’ lifecycle.

To deliver these ground breaking tools to market, Workstream Automation has assembled a team with a wealth of experience in business process modelling, automation and process improvement, backed by domain expertise in related industries. We understand our clients’ needs because we’ve been there, managing a wide of range of businesses around the globe, and successfully delivering major process improvement and IT projects on time and to budget, time after time.