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Squirrel SMS now available on Apple AppStore

Posted on Friday, February 9th, 2018

Squirrel SMS Users, We are excited to announce release of our first version of iOS app in the Apple app store.

Use this mobile version of Squirrel to optimize sales productivity, improve efficiency and increase sales. This mobile interface is a power-tool for frontline sales to sell more and improve their sales efficiency. Used alongside our powerful web-based, real-time desktop management solution, we’ve removed the complexity and expense of automating the sales process.

Key Features & Benefits:
• Add and Reschedule meetings: scheduling customer meetings with reminders & define Meetings objectives.
• Add meetings to Sales Pipeline: mark what the customer has agreed, expected closure date and amount of the sale.
• Real-time Sales Dashboard: track target versus achieved sales including pending sales, history and archived views.
• Push Notifications: Alerts and information pushed to every salesperson.
• Add new client or Edit existing client information.
• Automated Customer Needs Analysis to effectively understand customer needs and match them with appropriate solutions.

Please use the following link to download our app:

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