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Workstream Launches Pre-Release Version of RapidAutomator

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2013

Workstream’s pre-release version of WRA allows business users to assemble end-to-end complex workflows completely on the web i.e. using a web browser. WRA features modelling of powerful data objects with complete control over versioning, inbuilt reporting and realtime dashboards. RapidAutomator is a GWT based Workflow engine that allows a business process to be authored by business users. It incorporates a process designer, rules engine, form designer, an object data model designer, a report designer and a dashboard. It is database independent.

Version management for all workflow artefacts is a strong design goal. The idea is that change management for a ‘live’ workflow that is in business use is notoriously difficult. RapidAutomator keeps private, public and archived versions of all processes (together with change history) , so users can continue to interact with archived versions already in progress, while new processes of the public version are initiated.

Users interact with published workflows via forms which can contain business logic, external documents, images or embedded Google docs, making it possible to workflow-enable documents.

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