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Boost your sales productivity by implementing proven sales techniques and streamlining sales functions to bring about a step-change in sales efficiency.

Workstream Squirrel SMS is a one-stop solution to optimize and automate the sales activities of a mobile sales force. The Squirrel mobile App provides a complete sales management solution for your frontline force, which can be used to maintain client portfolios, schedule meetings, convert opportunities, track sales progress and much more by just a click of the button. Squirrel SMS can be quickly customized to incorporate any organization specific activities with little or no programming.


Maximize efficiency by mapping, analyzing and redesigning business processes. Reduce costs, improve information flows and decrease processing times.

Workstream BusinessAnalyst lets you describe and analyze the performance of business processes using flow charts. It uses simulation to discover the performance of processes, and can generate capacity models in Excel which you can use to compare the cost and time savings between original and re-engineered processes under different scenarios.


With QualityTrack you can measure and track real business performance gains using relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). See theoretical improvements translated into real and practical solutions.

Workstream QualityTrack lets you measure the real-world performance of processes, its intuitive graphical interface allows you to define how a process flow interacts with your systems. QualityTrack then uses data from these systems to discover how your key business processes are performing over time.


RapidAutomator is the fast way to make your business processes quick, safe and cost effective.

Workstream RapidAutomator enables users to quickly build customized solutions to automate business processes — minimizing time, cost and human resources. It enables entire processes to be automated, monitored and controlled; minimizing errors and delays while increasing transparency and control.


Let the Workstream ProcessRepository centralize all your business processes into one accessible location so that you can dynamically alter and collaboratively optimize your processes.

Workstream ProcessRepository allows users to create, modify, search and add to the knowledge base of business processes on a central server. Business users across multiple departments work collaboratively to define and improve a single process.


Let Workstream’s suite of automated business processes for banking and other industries give you quick customizable solutions while taking advantage of the domain knowledge of our experts.

Predefined Business Processes automate key processes in the areas of consumer and corporate credit, branch banking, HR and control & compliance. You can take these pre-automated processes and deploy them as they are, or customize them to suit your needs. Workstream’s experts have already helped automate processes in many organizations. Let their knowledge and experience come to your help.